Wednesday, October 15, 2008

New n' Improved

The new is here! We just released our new version which is the culmination of a massive effort to improve performance, connectivity, add new functionality to boot, and most important improve YOUR user experience @

Major changes in this release include:

Mid-Day Tournaments: now you don't have to wait for next day tournament. Check out our tournament lobby and see what surprises we prepared for you for that day.

Hourly Tournaments: These new fast-paced tournaments, starts on the hour a few times a day. More trading opportunities to meet new players, win and collect different money prizes and more in these hourly tournaments.

Short Cover Orders: be a winner not only when the markets go up but also when the markets go down, sounds familiar, right? :)

+ Improved User Experience: We’ve simplified our interface features based on user feedback and testing. Now we have easier Market Data Access, Tournament Information and, easy access Tournament Lobby.

Our special $10,000 FREE tournament starts Monday, October players >> Join Us Now.

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