Friday, August 15, 2008

We Know Your Gonna Like It Here

Helllooooo Internet. A new start-up, a new-blog.For early stage technology companies like ours the formula is usually: Creativity + Innovation + Entrepreneurship and …. viola! Here comes a good idea. { clearly, it’s a bit more complex then that ☺ }

But, Where do good ideas come from?Where do they live? Some reside in a garage, others at a college dorm room. In our case, our high-tech company is growing in the land-of-low-tech. We love our next door neighbors. The auto-repair shops, the small printing houses,the many eclectic production spaces. To kick things off in a bang (literally!) we and, our local community, wanted to welcome you to o.u.r space. WelcomeU the Umoo style. So, here we go, click on the clip below and,welcome to
We Know Your Gonna Like It Here

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