Friday, August 22, 2008

Not over the net, just over the moneyline

Have you checked out the Beach Volleyball Rankings yet? Or are you always checking your UMOO player rankings?If you’re not following either “sport” then you should, both are f.a.n.t.a.s.t.i.c(regarding umoo we maybe a bit biased)
UMOO is relatively new, but Beach volleyball started in Santa Monica, California in the 1920s, later it appeared in Europe & by the 1940s, doubles tournaments were being played on the beaches of Santa Monica for trophies. Now players are competing for that gold medal in the Olympics! The first professional tournament was held in France for 30,000 francs during the 1960’s. It was a prestigious sport, just like Trading.

We want to spotlight our Mini tournaments in relation to beach volley.Why? How?Well, it’s just 2 players per team in beach volleyball, and with our mini tournament, it’s just 2 to 10 players max, so both are pretty intimate games. You can play volley and a mini indoors or outdoors, barefoot too if you like ☺ but imagine if you did have internet access near a beach, you could play a mini on the sand, but 4sure it’s a little less energetic than playing volley in the sand.But then again by participating in a mini tournament, you’ve got a better chance to win and you can double, triple and even make 5 times your money!!Enough said, right?

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